Investing in America's Energy

for THREE Generations

Appraisal Services, Mineral Management and Consulting Professionals. Mineral, Royalty and Working Interest Purchaser - we do it all.


Welcome to Inland Oil & Gas Corporation

Investing in America's Energy for THREE Generations

We Buy Minerals

Timing is everything. But we're in it for the long haul. We've been in the business for three generations and are highly experienced, respected, and possess the agility that most companies envy.

Why Sell?

  • Timing is everything. Is there a current need or want or debt that converting your mineral asset to cash could assist with?
  • Does a large, lump-sum payout sound like a better alternative than monthly or yearly checks?
  • Are you more comfortable using your cash to invest in other ventures? (Ask us about 1031 Exchanges – Minerals are considered real property!)
  • Would you rather avoid fluctuations in oil prices that impact your monthly income?
  • Are the costs and time associated with managing your interests beginning to outweigh their value?
  • Is it best for the next generation to inherit cash in lieu of fractionating an interest to the point of devaluation. Are they prepared to handle the stress and effort to probate your estates in ND and the state in which you retire?
  • Are you ready to retire as you've always dreamed? If your children feel that they should inherit your minerals and you would rather retire more comfortably, then ask your children to purchase them.

Whatever your reason may be Inland is dedicated to being the right partner for you. We are a three-generation family company and are not in the business of reselling your family minerals to another buyer for more. We pay YOU what YOU deserve. We would be honored to review your minerals and make you an offer.